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  4. Royce

    Welcome Royce

    Nick : Royce Your name: Royce Age : 16 City: Tunisia Country: Tunisia-Tajerouine Occupation: nothing Favorite games: samp. Hobbies: Football Short description about yourself: Hi, My name is Royce and I'am 16 years Old and I live in Tunisia, I graduated hight school not long ago,and i'am now Making the Baccalaureate exam, and after I get through this exam, i want to attend a university of arts and design. As for me I consider a grounded teenager with head in the clouds (sometimes) are often indecisive, so I try to control / shift. I define ambition, sense of humor and constant desire for new knowledge are things that I would never change me. Can not say I'm a plain or understandable. I am a contradictory, complicated. And I greatly appreciate people who try to understand me and do not rush to judge me. There are times when they become selfish when I think only me and I must admit that sometimes the thing that saved me some extra suffering at the time, but me and disadvantage over time. I love the sea. I never get tired to look, to smell, to taste. How did you find out about Whitecs Community?: I find this server with my friend.Also for happy moments Friends in the community: DroidMan,Bro,Dan..ext Picture (not mandatory) : I don't have Closing phrase : W[e]lcome#.
  5. Royce

    How many of you know English ?!

    Hello i'm here ƒor english.. Me can speak english very well..if someone need to help in grammatical words[/sms]
  6. Welcome to My Profil

  7. Welcome to My Profil

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